What's OneShot?

Global news with local perspectives. Unbiased. Without noise! ⚡

OneShot is a daily newsletter of curated news from across the globe, from sources like: The Times of India, FOX News, BBC, CNBC, The Guardian, Aljazeera, ABC News, Wall Street Journal etc. (to name a few), marked with source biases (ideology clashes) & sentiments (using machine learning and artificial intelligence) - to make news holistic, insightful, and fun.

For example, unrest in Hong Kong is seen differently in the US and India than in China. There is a divide in ideologies. We want the viewer to read a holistic view of the problem statement - unbiased, assertive, and not be inclined towards one.

OneShot News is a No Cost Covid-19 Hustle Project to help people get unfiltered and unbiased news everyday.

What are Biases?

Biases help categorize the media house and their articles into right-wing, left-wing and center-wing ideologies. These have been derived after analysing thousands of articles of all the media houses via Allsides.com and MediaBiasFactCheck.com

Left Liberal

Right Conservative

Center 50% Conservative. 50% Liberal.

What are Sentiments?

Sentiment Analysis helps analyze the polarity quotient of the news articles and tell the user whether the tone of the article is positive, negative or neutral. The analysis is built using un-supervised machine learning.

😁 Very Positive

😌 Positive

😐 Neutral

😟 Negative

😣 Very Negative

How to reach us?

If you have any questions about the terms, the practices of OneShot, or anything else please contact us at oneshotnewsletter@gmail.com